Depth Profiling Analysis of InP/GaInAsP Multilayer Structure with Auger Electron Spectroscopy by Using Argon Ion Spot Beam

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It is very difficult to obtained the Auger depth profile of InP multilayer structures with argon ion sputtering because the very large surface roughness is caused ; therefore the analyses of InP multilayers have been carried out practically with the angle-lap profiling method. In order to establish an Auger depth profiling analysis method for a InP/GaInAsP multilayer structure specimen with the conventional depth profiling analysis method, we have investigated the dependence of the depth resolution on ion accelerating voltage and ion current density. The depth resolution improved according to the increasing the argon ion accelelating voltage in the range of 1'-3 keV. We have obtained the excellent Auger depth profile of the InP/GaInAsP multilayer structure by using the argon spot beam of high ion density.

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  • InP/GaInAsP Multilayer
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  • 10/12/1992
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  • 21/08/1992
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