About MDR

MDR : Materials Data Repository is a data repository that hosts materials research data and publications. Discover various data and publications using metadata tailored for materials. MDR is operated by the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan.

Publishing research achievements has been done through papers and conference presentations, but recently it has become commonplace to publish data to support the papers or just data by themselves. This allows for wider use of research achievements.

MDR is a repository to collect and host not only papers and presentations, but also materials data, providing them for use in further materials research and materials informatics. Users can discover publications and datasets using metadata tailored for materials or by a full-text search, and can view and download them.

MDR is one of the services of NIMS's data platform DICE. See also https://dice.nims.go.jp/services/MDR/en/


Metadata schema

MDR is currently undergoing a migration to a new version of metadata schema, MDR Schema 2.0 https://doi.org/10.48505/nims.3239. Some metadata may be stored using the older version (MDR Schema 1.0) while we transition to the newer version.

Metadata updates



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