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Research Data Management (RDM) at National Institute for Materials Science has been developed to support a whole of activities in life cycle of research data, such as exchanging, distributing, managing and utilizing them among various and heterogeneous measurement and research systems for various research areas. Accordingly, Central Authentication Service (CAS) is adopted as the authentication mechanism and enhanced by integrating with the human resource and organization master data management for authorization to fulfill the native requirements for single sign-on. In order to realize data exchange and distribution among these systems, the authentication and authorization mechanism itself must act as the role of HUB that handles various authentication methods and authorized resources in the integrated manner. Due to natures in arising area newly linked with E-Science and Scientific Workflow, various trials could be naturally adopted in RDM, and this looks so different from the matured security framework in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). As a case study, this paper presents the outline of the authentication and authorization mechanism incorporated in the RDM at National Institute for Materials Science, including the transition during design phases. Along with an overview, a brief assessment is carried out with the security framework in SOA, and we also review the differences found there for characterizing the authentication and authorization mechanism in RDM.

国立研究開発法人物質・材料研究機構における Research Data Management(RDM)は,多様な研究領域を支える多様で異質な計測・研究システム群間のデータ交換・流通・管理・利活用を支援して研究データのライフサイクルを管理することを指向している.シングルサインオンに関する要求実現のため,認証機構には Central Authentication Service(CAS)を採用し,認可実施のため,人員・組織マスタデータ管理と統合して実装されている.多様で異質なシステム群間のデータ交換・流通を実現するためには,認証・認可機構自身が多様な認証方式・認可資源を統合的に扱う HUB の役割を負う必要がある.E-Science,Scientific Workflow と連携する RDM では新たに急伸している領域故に,種々の試行錯誤も見受けられ,成熟化に向かう Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)におけるセキュリティフレームワークとは異なる様相に映る.本稿では,未だ発展途上ではあるがケーススタディとして物質・材料研究機構における RDM に組み込まれた認証・認可機構の概略,設計上の変遷(認可管理との連携・名寄せ・多重化・API 管理)を概説するとともに,SOA におけるセキュリティフレームワークで簡易アセスメントを実施,そこで見出される差異について評価・考察を述べ,RDM における認証・認可機構に関する理解の一助とする.

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  • Applying Incremental Delivery Process in developing CAS based Authentication and Authorization Mechanism in RDM and its Assessment
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  • 15/04/2021
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  • 26/01/2021
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