[MANA E-BULLETIN Vol.5 - Feature] Careers paths at MANA : Focus on chirality

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“My career as a research scientist in Japan started in November 2008 when I joined the Supramolecules Group at MANA for a two‐year JSPS postdoctoral fellowship,” says Labuta. “I was really impressed and inspired by the highly focused and passionate approach to research at MANA. I learnt a lot and was able to contribute to the research activities of the group. It was a very fruitful two years for me and the experience led me to pursue a long term career at MANA. I highly recommend this career path to other young researchers overseas.” In 2014 Labuta was selected as a ICYS‐Sengen fellow as part of the highly competitive International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS) program [1]. ICYS fellows work with mentors and using their funding from NIMS to pursue innovative research at the facilities offered by MANA and NIMS. Furthermore, MANA provides full English language clerical support to enable members of the ICYS program to concentrate on their research and not administrative issues. “The ICYS program enabled me to build on my previous research,” says Labuta. “With advice and support from my mentor I also learnt how to manage research within this large organization. Now, as an independent scientist [2] at MANA , I am my own boss. I have complete freedom to conduct my research. It is a busy life with funding applications, recruitment of young researchers, and of course family life!”

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