Determination of Inelastic Mean Free Paths in Elemental Solids in the 200 to 5000 eV Energy Range by Absolute Elastic Peak Electron Spectroscopy

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Recently Goto have done a precise measurement of transmission efficiency using a new method. Then, we have carried out the experimental determinations of IMFPs for 14 elemental solids in the 200-5000 eV energy range from absolute backscattered elastic-peak intensities taken by a novel CMA together with Monte Carlo (MC) calculations and also calculated IMFPs of the elemental solids with the Penn algorithm. At relatively high-energy region (over 200 eV), the values of energy/IMFP versus log (E) should be a straight line (Fano Plot). Then, we present an evaluation of the correction equations for surface-electron excitation proposed by Werner et. al., Oswald and Chen et. al. using Fano Plots.

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  • 24/09/2006
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