Microbubble flows in superwettable fluidic channels

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The control of bubble adhesion underwater is important for various applications, yet the dynamics under flow conditions are still to be unraveled. Herein, we observed the wetting dynamics of an underwater microbubble stream in superwettable channels. The flow of microbubbles was generated by integrating a microfluidic device with an electrochemical system. The microbubble motions were visualized via tracing the flow using a high- speed camera. We show that a vortex is generated in the air layer of the superaerophilic surface under laminar conditions and that the microbubbles are transported on the superaerophilic surface under turbulent conditions driven by the dynamic motion of the air film. Furthermore, microbubbles oscillated backward and forward on the superaerophobic surface under turbulent conditions. This investigation contributes to our understanding of the principles of drag reduction through wettability control and bubble flow.

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  • 09/07/2019
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  • 09/07/2019
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