ブロンズ法Nb3Sn線材における内部補強による機械特性の改善 -固溶強化機構による内部マトリックス補強-

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We approached the internal matrix reinforcements using the Cu-Sn-Zn and Cu-Sn-In ternary bronze alloy matrices. After Nb3Sn phase synthesis, these ternary bronze alloy matrices were transformed into (Cu, Zn) or (Cu, In) solid solutions having much higher mechanical strength. Jc degradation due to the transverse compressive stress on the internal matrix reinforced Nb3Sn multifilamentary was evaluated. No Jc degradation was observed approximately 100 and 150 MPa, which values were much higher than the conventional bronze processed Nb3Sn wire. We found that the internal matrix reinforcement was effective for suppressing Jc degradation due to transverse compressive stress.

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  • Improvement of mechanical properties by internal matrix reinforcement in bronze processed Nb3Sn wire - Internal matrix reinforcement by solid solution strengthening mechanism -
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  • 19/05/2023
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