Fine-tuning of plasmonics by Au@AuY/Au core-shell nanoparticle monolayer for enhancement of third-order nonlinearity

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A novel self-assembled Au@AuY-core/Au-shell nanoparticle (Au@AuY/Au NP) monolayer is proposed for the fine-tuning of plasmonics and enhanced third-order nonlinearity. Based on the different thermodynamics mechanisms of Au and Y ions, the compact Au@AuY/Au core-shell architectures are designed and surface-modified in fused silica (SiO2) with enhanced free electron density, mobility, and quantum size effect. The flexible modulation of plasmonics is realized, resulting in significant absorption enhancement (165% for interband absorption and 38% for free electron absorption, respectively) and fine-tuning of the localized surface plasma resonance (LSPR) band. In addition, the physical mechanism is investigated by density functional theory (DFT) and Mie theory, which reveals a transition from size-independence to size-dependence of LSPR owing to the synergistic effect of multiple physical factors such as free electron density and mobility. With the above advantages, the third-order nonlinearity is enhanced by 4.4 times compared with traditional Au NPs. It indicates the significant potential of Au@AuY/Au core-shell NP monolayer in the performance improvement of nonlinear photonic devices.

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  • 22/05/2023
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