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We are developing A15 cables made of ultra-fine wires for react-and-wind (R&W) magnet technology. Recently, we fabricated a bronze processed multifilament Nb3Sn wire with a diameter of 50 µm. We also made a prototype Nb3Sn cable by stranding 19 wires for testing. In this study, the transport critical current (Ic) of the cable was measured at 4.2 K and under an external field up to 18 T. The Non-Cu critical current density (Jc) was also calculated from the Ic results. For the Ic measurements, the cable was wound on glass fiber reinforced plastic cylinder (GFRP) bobbins after the heat treatment in straight geometry to replicate the R&W process. Four GFRP bobbins with different diameters were prepared to investigate the bending limit of the cable. The critical temperature (Tc) and magnetization properties of the cable were also measured by a magnetic property measurement system of Quantum Design.

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  • Superconducting Characteristics of Nb3Sn Cables Stranded with Ultra-fine Wires
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  • 19/07/2023
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