Environmentally friendly recycling system for epoxy resin with dynamic covalent bonding

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Recycling of epoxy resin and its composites is extremely difficult due to its thermoset nature. In this study, we proposed the environmentally-friendly recycling system of epoxy resin with dynamic covalent bonding in the assistance of cysteine-containing tripeptide, so-called glutathione. The glutathione attached on the epoxy resin and resulted in the cleavage of dynamic disulfide bonds of epoxy resin through thiol-disulfide exchange reaction between the thiol group of glutathione and disulfide bonding of epoxy resin, followed by the scission of epoxy networks. Therefore, the degraded epoxy residue was dissolved into chloroform. Finally, this resulting product could be reused as reagent for preparation the new epoxy materials with approximately 90% of initial mechanical strength via regeneration of disulfide bonding through heating. This work demonstrated the different aspect to understand the decomposition and recycling of thermosetting networks and the wide application under more environmentally friendly condition.

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  • 15/07/2021
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