Solution‐Processed Perovskite Quantum Dot Quasi‐BIC Laser from Miniaturized Low‐Lateral‐Loss Cavity

MDR Open Deposited

Laser devices produced through solution-processed perovskite quantum dots (QDs) offer broad spectral tunability as well as ease of fabrication. Utilizing quasi-BIC modes, solution-processed QD laser devices have been demonstrated with a nanostructure coated in a thin-film gain media configuration. However, light leakage through thin-film guiding from the cavity side edges becomes more pronounced when shrinking the cavity size, posing challenges for the miniaturization of quasi-BIC-based lasers. Here, the fabrication of well-defined patterns of QDs via a solution process allows us to take advantage of the pattern edges to reduce losses through the cavity edges. We report a single-mode BIC laser by using CsPbBr3 QDs with a narrow linewidth below 0.1 nm. Importantly, we realize a miniaturized quasi-BIC laser with a size as small as 10×10 μm², making it the smallest among existing solution-processed BIC lasers. This work provides a strategy for developing ultra-compact BIC lasers via solution-processed gain media.

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  • 22/02/2024
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