Fiber fuse behavior veiled in its strong light emission

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Fiber fuse was discovered in 1987 and now poses a dilemma to the optical
communication industry as a result of the expected saturation of
communication capacity and the potential risks of high-power light
manipulation. I found that the periodic void train left behind is the
record of its energy state that can be modified by some external
conditions including the pump power, the coating condition of the
cladding surface, and the geometry of optical paths for re-absorption of
its emission. Thus, the interval of the voids increases in a segment
where re-absorption occurred. In addition, I found a modification delay
of the void interval, namely sub-millimeters, compared with the coating
change along the fiber. This is due to the high viscosity of the silica
melt surrounding the bright spot.

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  • Fiber fuse behavior veiled in its strong light emission
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