Blog-based research notebook for personal knowledge management and bottom-up knowledge sharing

MDR Open Deposited

As a replacement of paper-based notebook, an user-installed blog server is used for personal knowledge management. Its contents are readable, edit-able and retrievable within the attached network with user authentication. This feature has enough merits that compensate for the difficulty in storing handwritings. Moreover, the present system solved the problematic separated storage of experimental data and their supplemental descriptions, which are formerly recorded in hard disks and paper-based notebooks, respectively. This all-in-one knowledge management system enables an automatic linking service from data files to related blog contents. Its web-based nature also enables us to share the contents with colleagues over the net. It is an alternative way of using large-scale top-down group-ware for small closed communities.

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Date published
  • 25/01/2005
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  • 15/06/2020
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