CuFeO2 –フラストレーションが生み出す多彩な磁性と交差相関–

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The triangular lattice antiferromagnetic CuFeO2 has been studied along the path of frustration physics for more than 30 years, and every time there is an innovation in experi- mental technology or the creation of a new concept of physics in condensed matter field continues to offer new aspects of frus- trated magnetism. At present, attempts to create new physical properties by combining the various magnetic orders produced by frustration with other degrees of freedom such as ferroelec- tricity and crystal lattices are becoming commonplace, but in this review we once again looked back on the development of frustration research, with a focus on CuFeO2. I sincerely hope that this paper will be of help to young researchers who are starting to study condensed matter properties related to frus- tration physics.

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  • 05/06/2024
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    寺田 典樹, 中島 多朗, CuFeO2――フラストレーションが生み出す多彩な磁性と交差相関, 日本物理学会誌, 2024, 79 巻, 6 号, p. 272-279
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