Understanding Complex Electron Radiolysis in Saline Solution by Big Data Analysis

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In this article, we developed a new method to analyze the complex chemical reactions induced by electron beam radiolysis based on big data analysis. At first, we built an element transport network to show the chemical reactions. Furthermore, the linearity between the species was quantified by Pearson correlation coefficient analysis. Based on the analysis, the mechanism of the high linearity between the special species pairs was interpreted by the element transport roadmap and chemical equations. The time variation of the pH of the solution and bubble formation in the solution were analyzed by simulation and data analysis. The simulation indicates that O2 and H2 can easily oversaturate and form bubbles. Finally, the radiolysis of high-energy electrons in pure water was analyzed as a reference for the radiolysis of high-energy electrons in saline solution. This work provides a new method for investigating a high-energy electron radiolysis process and for simplifying a complex chemical reaction based on quantitative analysis of the species variation in the reaction.

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  • 21/04/2022
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