Narrow-Band Emitting Phosphor Na2Cs2Sr(B9O15)2:Eu2+ Discovered from Local Structure Similarity with Sulfate Phosphor

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Narrow-band emitting phosphors are required to improve performance of phosphor-converted light-emitting diodes. Here, we found a new narrow-band emitting phosphor Na2Cs2Sr(B9O15)2:Eu2+ using the local structure similarity with a known narrow-band emitting phosphor. In a 2D scatter plot of the structure dissimilarity between the local structures, Sr site in Na2Cs2Sr(B9O15)2 was located near the Ba site of the known narrow-band emitting sulfate phosphor BaSO4:Eu2+ with a distorted local structure. We synthesized Na2Cs2Sr(B9O15)2:Eu2+ and characterized the luminescence properties by microspectroscopy. Na2Cs2Sr(B9O15)2:Eu2+ has a violet luminescence peaked at approximately 417 nm and the narrow full width at half maximum is narrow as 26 nm (1497 cm-1).

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  • 15/12/2022
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