Virtual heat treatment for γ-γ′ two-phase Ni-Al alloy on the materials Integration system, MInt

MDR Open

Aiming to designing the aging heat treatment conditions to maximize the 0.2 % proof stress of γ-γ′ two-phase Ni-based superalloys, we develop the automated computational workflow for γ-γ′ two-phase Ni-Al binary alloy that serves at the system foundation. This consists of phase-field (PF) simulation, image analysis, and mechanical property prediction with the design of input and output data ports. The workflow is implemented on the Materials Integration system (MInt), which computationally links process, structure, property, and performance. Users may calculate any patterns in heat treatment scheduling for Ni-Al alloys, with various Al contents, by allowing MInt to conduct the workflow. First, MInt conducts multiple parallel runs of the PF simulation to generate statistically sound datasets. Subsequently, MInt extracts statistics of various microstructure/phase-geometrical/composition attributes by image analysis. Finally, it predicts the proof stress according to the reported superposition of multiple strengthening models. The established computational workflow provides an in-depth understanding of the effect of aging conditions on alloy strength, which is favorable for optimizing process.

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  • 17/01/2023
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