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計算状態図データベース (CPDDB) では、CALPHAD法による熱力学解析により得られた各相のギブスエネルギー関数をまとめたデータベースファイル(TDBファイル)を集録しています。このTDBファイルと熱力学計算ソフトウェアを用いることで、各種熱力学量、相平衡、状態図を求めることができます。現在500種類以上の一元系、二元系、多元系合金状態図のTDBファイルが集録されています。


On Computational Phase Diagram Database (CPDDB), the Gibbs energy functions of the phases are accumulated in a form of TDB (Thermodynamic DataBase) files, which are obtained from the CALPHAD-type thermodynamic assessments. With the TDB files, various thermodynamic quantities, phase equilibria and phase diagrams are able to be calculated on the commercial thermodynamic software packages. The current database includes more than 500 unary, binary, and higher-order systems.

We have started collecting digitized-phase diagram files (PDDB files) as a new way of representing phase diagrams. This makes it possible to find phase boundaries by searching rather than by calculations. By layering the thermodynamic quantities and properties on the digitized phase diagrams, "thermodynamic information system (TIS)" will be constructed. To use PDDB files (JSON format), DigiPD program is required. Demo version can be download from this web site.

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