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Created by: Materials Database Group, National Institute for Materials Science
Last Updated: 11/04/2023

The MDR SuperCon Datasheet is a datasheet re-edited from SuperCon, which was originally published as the MatNavi database. To use it, please first read the readme ( As shown in the readme thumbnails, it can be used to predict higher Tc superconducting materials and to transform historical data into knowledge.

We hope that MDR SuperCon Datasheet will lead to discoveries that will lead to important breakthroughs in environmental and energy issues. We also welcome its use for educational and other purposes. Please follow MDR's Terms of Use and properly identify the source of this data when using it:

(Example of statement) This study used the MDR SuperCon Datasheet (*), a numerical data sheet for superconducting materials, which is made public by the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS).

* A doi is issued each time the datasheet is revised. Please state the version you actually used.

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